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Rush Live in 1980, Released Sunday, is Otherworldly

Geddy Lee, Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson packed a boundless punch back in the day.

And it’s all here. Eyebrow-raising drumming, a growling bass, shrieking vocals, dreamy guitars, and synthesizers.

Rush’s Permanent Waves 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition came with 12 songs recorded live in Manchester, London and Missouri in 1980.

(Note to Rush: why not release the full shows? I just browsed their setlists and would love to hear Anthem, Finding My Way and In The Mood.)

In last Sunday's release, the climax is the live cut of Cygnus X-1: Book II, more specifically its last, soft-spoken movement The Sphere.

The 14-minute track was performed to perfection, outshining its older sibling Cygnus X-1, sorely shortened by more than one minute!

A more faithful rendition of Cygnus X-1 is available on CD 3 of Different Stages, live from London in 1978.

Another highlight is Geddy and Alex jamming on “The Camera Eye,” released on Moving Pictures eight months later.

Is One Man Mambo influenced by Rush? No sh*t! Just listen to the chorus of Buck The Trend or the bass intro to 101 Jerusalem.

Here’s footage of myself jamming with a Geddy Lee shirt on:

Wren Graves (Consequence of Sound), Philip Wilding (Classic Rock) and Johnny Sharp (Prog) wrote wondrous reviews of Permanent Waves 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition.

For Johnny Sharp at Prog, Permanent Waves “was the album that marked the end of one chapter and turned the prog icons into unlikely pop stars along the way.”

Here’s the live tracklist:

1. Beneath, Between & Behind (Live in Manchester)

2. By-Tor & The Snow Dog (Live in London)

3. Xanadu (Live in London)

4. The Spirit Of Radio (Live in Manchester)

5. Natural Science (Live in Manchester)

6. A Passage to Bangkok (Live in Manchester)

7. The Trees (Live in Manchester)

8. Cygnus X-1 (Live in London)

9. Cygnus X-1: Book II Hemispheres (Live in London)

10. Closer To The Heart (Live in Manchester)

11. Jacob's Ladder (Live in Missouri)

12. Freewill (Live in London)

I’ll skip writing about Neil Peart’s passing as I'm already teary.

Last, the live tracks on Permanent Waves @40 managed to eclipse Exit… Stage Left, my go-to Rush album before Sunday.